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Our Wine List is a representation of the main varietals from the most important wine-producing regions in the world. We are passionate and knowledgeable about wines of all styles, origins and price points and we strive to make our list user friendly and unique for beginners and experts.

We feature a variety of local and non-local wines by the glass which are sure to make your meal complete. Feel free to ask your server the best wine to accommodate your meal.

In addition we offer dessert wines, ports, cognacs, and many high-end reserve and estate bottles. Below is a list of our fine assortment of Single Malt Scotchs, Cordials, Cognacs, and more...

Single Malt & Other Scotch

Cordials & Specialties

Gin Selections

Vodka Selections



  Baily's   Beefeaters   Absolute & Various Flavors
  Balvienie 12-Year   Barenjager   Bluecoat   Bee (Fingerlakes)
  Balvienie 15-Year   Blackhaus   Bombay Sapphire   Belvedere
  Balvienie 17-Year   Captain Morgan Private Stock   Boodles   Chopan
  Clynelish   Chambord   Bulldog   Firefly
  Cutty Stark   Cointreau   Gordons   Grey Goose & Various Flavors
  Dalwhinnie   Compari   Hendricks   Kettle One
  Dewars   Crown Royal Special Reserve   Pimm's   Stoli's
  Dewars Special Reserve   Drambuie   Plymouth   3 Olives & Various Flavors
  Famous Grouse   Kahlua   Tanquery   Smirnoff 80
  Glenlivet 12-Year   Grand Marnier   Tanquery Rangpur   Burnett's
  Glenlivet 15-Year   Licor 43   Tanquery #10    
  Glenrothes   Pimm's   Burnett's

Single Barrel & Other Bourbon

  Glenkinichie   Romana Sambuca White       Bakers
  Glenmorangie La Santa   Romana Sambuga Black

Tequila Selections

  Basil Hayden
  Glenmorangie Original   Tia Maria   Azul Reposodo   Blantons
  Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban   Vandermint   Cabo Wabo   Bookers Barrel Proof
  J&B       Correlejo Reposado   Gentleman Jack
  Johnnie Walker Red

Irish Whiskeys

  Corazon Anejo   George Dickel 12-Year
  Johnnie Walker Black   Bushmills   Corazon Blanco   Jack Daniels Black Label
  Johnnie Walker Green   Jameson   Corazon Reposado   Jack Daniels Green Label
  Johnnie Walker Gold   Jameson 12-Year   Don Julia Reposado   Jack Daniels Single Barrel
  Johnnie Walker Blue   Jameson Grand Reserve   Jose Cuervo Especial   Jim Beam
  Lagavulin 12-Year   Powers   Jose Cuervo LaReserva   Jim Beam Black
  Lagavulin 16-Year   Tullamore Dew   Padron XO   Jim Beam Red Stag
  Laphroaig       Padron Repasodo   Knob Creek
  Macallan 10-Year

Absinthe, Brandy & Cognac

  Padron Anejo   Maker's Mark
  Macallan 12-Year   Courvoisier VS   Sauza Repasodo   RI-1 (Very Special Rye)
  Macallan Cask   Courvoisier VSOP       Wild Turkey Honey
  Oban 16-Year   E&J Red Label       Wild Turkey 80
  Talisker   E&J XO       Wild Turkey 101
  Yamazaki   Hennessey VS       Woodford Reserve
      Hennessey VSOP        
      Kubler Absinthe        
      LeTourment Absinthe        
      Lucid Absinthe        
      Remy Martin VS        
      Remy Martin VSOP        


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