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REAL CA$H three times a year!

Crossroads Bar & Grille's Cash Poker Series runs three times per year with a prize pool of $2,000 per series (scaled based on attendance). Players earn cash tournament stacks and bonus chips through wins and points - two games per week over each four-month series. Participation is FREE with no fees and no purchase necessary. Click links below for additional info.

Current Series: October '18 - January '19

Next Cash Tournament
February 9th

1:05PM Start

Quick Contacts
Late Arrival Texts: Kevin (607-227-5463)
Late Arrival Call-Ins:
Crossroads Bar & Grille (607-533-7803)
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(Penalties are larger if you don't call in. No late players are allowed after the end of the first break).

4 Deep Stack Games
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6 Knockout Games
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7 Rebuy Games
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Informational Links

General Information | Regular Game Blinds | Late Penalties | Latest Series Notes

Earning Chips Toward Cash Tournament
Monthly Wins & Points Stacks | Series Bonus Chips | Guest Bonus


Cash Tournament Notes

Special Games
Deep Stack Games | Knockout Games | Rebuy Games

Good Luck!